Monday, March 9, 2009

Not Me Monday

No, not me....I would never lose Camden outside! The girls were playing with him on the back porch & when they came in, I assumed he came in with them. 10 minutes later, I realized I didn't hear him in the house. He was not on the back porch, or anywhere in the back yard. I searched all the rooms in the house....Tom finally found him playing in the sand out in the front yard! Yikes - that kid is fast when he wants to be!

No, not me....I would never let Trevin just crawl all over the family room, only to find him sucking on the potty chair a few minutes later!

No, not me....I would never find poop on the floor twice in one week from Camden not going on the potty!

No, not me...I would never forget to watch the little screen thing at church that they use to put your number up when your kid "needs" you, only to discover Trevin's number up there when I did finally look. Come to find out it had been up for about 10-15 minutes! Ooops! Turns out he didn't really need me after all...he had settled down already by the time I got there!

Sorry that I have a few gross things on my "list" this week, but hey, you might as well know what goes on around our house!!

And just in case you haven't figured out, everything last week & this week were all things that yes, I have done. I quit putting a fake one in there since people weren't responding....

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