Wednesday, August 22, 2007

More Big Stuff

Camden had his 6 month checkup at the doctor on Monday, and he now weighs 15 lbs. He got another round of shots, and is doing well overall. In just the last couple days he's decided he needs to get around, so he's started crawling!! Here's a little video from today:

He was so excited to get a hold of that paper!! He also sat up on the "sit 'n spin" toy:
And finally....he's working on getting his 1st tooth in! Stay tuned for a picture. It should be completely in any day now! You can see it coming through his bottom gum, and just barely feel it. Yeah!

Monday, August 20, 2007


Today was a big day at the Palmer house!! Mackenzie started school, and boy was she ever excited! :) Can you tell from her smile?

We have to walk down just to the end of our street, and don't you know it was POURING down rain this morning? We haven't had much rain all summer, and today it just wouldn't stop! We had a whole group of us (g-ma & g-pa Palmer came from Ohio for the occassion as well), and then to top it all off, the bus was like 30 minutes late, and we were all soaked by the time it finally came, but it didn't dampen the kid's spirits! Here's Mackenzie with her friend Nick from across the street who is also in her class at school.

Here she is getting on the bus. (That's the neighbor talking to the bus driver as she's getting on)

And here she is this afternoon getting off the bus. I might add it was STILL raining, and the bus was 45 minutes late this afternoon, but all in all, she looks like she had a good day!

And lastly, here she is asking Jenna if she had a "good day". Surprisingly, she didn't really have much to say about her day once we got home. She said she didn't even know anybody else's name in her class besides Nick. Hmmm....

Monday, August 6, 2007

Palmer family vacation

Last week we did a little vacation with Tom's family just north of Fort Wayne at Pokagon State Park. Here's a few fun pics from this trip:

Jenna & Mackenzie did pony rides

A big family picture (minus Jim's family who couldn't make it):

Trying to get one of just the grandkids...impossible to get them to all cooperate!

And since we've been home, we finally started Camden on some REAL food. The funny thing is I think the girls were more excited than anything! It was like this big event that he was eating green beans!! Mackenzie is anxious for him to try every last kind of vegetable :)

A TON to update!

Sorry it's been so long...there's a bunch of stuff that we've been up to!

We took another trip to Pittsburgh & visited our friends that just got married, and also dropped Mackenzie off with my parents so she could spend a week. Tom was trying to sleep on the way, so this was his solution to keeping the sun out of his eyes:

While in Pennsylvania, we visited Mars & had a photo op on this spaceship :)

On the way home, Camden discovered that he LOVES his toes! He couldn't get enough of them in his mouth!

A week later, I picked Mackenzie up & after we got home, she had a little mishap on her bike. Evidently she was riding way too fast, and hit the curb wrong & landed right on her mouth. She had a huge fat lip, plus bruised gums. Luckily her teeth were just fine! She just had a bunch of scrapes & looked pretty beat up for a couple days.