Friday, April 8, 2011

Huge prayer request

I posted an update on Camden below, but wanted to share a huge prayer request that is on my heart. My dear friend Kristin from Fort Wayne lost a little baby girl unexpectedly yesterday at 38 weeks along. She has lost two other precious babies, but knew ahead of time that they would not make it. This was a complete surprise, and the doctor has no idea what happened. So please pray for Kristin & Mike & their 2 boys as they travel this dark road yet again. God is Faithful, and will bring them through, but I am praying for peace for them as they struggle through this.


Thought I should update & let everyone know that Camden's surgery went very well! The doctor even decided that he didn't need to the tympanoplasty on his ear. He said the pocket he had initially seen wasn't as bad, and he's hoping that having tubes in his ears will keep it from forming again. He plans to keep an eye on it. Otherwise, dr. said Camden won the award for biggest tonsils of the day! :)

Since we've been home, he has done very well. We do our best to keep on top of the pain medicine, so he has never really complained of pain. He gets a little cranky at times, but I remind him that even if it hurts it doesn't mean he can be a grump to other people, or talk mean to me. But overall, he has done the best so far of all 3 of my kiddos that have had their tonsils out.

Thanks so much for your prayers!