Thursday, August 20, 2009

A pharmacy at our house

Well, Jenna made it 2 days at school before coming home with a 102 fever! Yuck...

I took her to the doctor a week ago & they said she had an upper respiratory infection & put her on antibiotics. In the meantime, we had heard of several people from church who had been testing positive for different types of flu. Trevin ran a fever for a while last Thurs. evening, but after 1 dose of ibuprofen, he was fine.

Thurs. night, Tom came home & said he thought he was getting the same cough as Jenna. So, he headed to the dr. 1st thing Friday morning. He came home with an antibiotic as well for bronchitis & some cough medicine. As the day progressed, though, he said he felt worse & really felt like he was running a fever & felt like he had the flu. Jenna started a fever again Fri. afternoon as well, and by about 5:00 after Kenzie got home from school, she was running a slight fever and so was Camden!! A friend of mine from church called to let me know that another little girl at church had tested positive for swine flu, so to be safe, I loaded everyone up in the van & headed to a clinic that is open in the evenings. Long story short, they did a chest x-ray on Jenna because her oxygen level was a little low & found she had a mild case of pneumonia as well. Then, Mackenzie tested positive for type A flu, which is the type that can also be swine flu. So, they swabbed her nose again & had to send it off to be tested. But, since most everyone else was running fevers, the doctor said they probably still had some type of flu and he wanted everyone (including Trevin & I) on tamiflu since we were all exposed. I've never heard back whether Kenzie ended up testing positive for swine flu, so I'm sure she didn't, but even if she had, the dr. said you still treat it with tamiflu.

This is what we ended up with b/w all the doctor's visits & prescriptions...

And this didn't include the medicine that Jenna already takes on a daily basis for her calcium!

As of Tuesday, though, everyone was back to school & work and feeling better. Let's hope we don't go through this again! :)

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Jenna's 1st Day!

Here's some pictures from this morning...

The funny thing about this last picture is that once I took the 1st picture of her in front of the bus, she took off running to get on the bus, and my camera couldn't snap a picture fast enough to catch her crossing the street, so you'll see she is just about to get on the bus!

On another note...getting ready this morning proved to be interesting since those of you that know Jenna well, know she HATES socks & is very particular about her socks & shoes! At their school, they have PE class every day, so every day they have to have gym shoes & socks to participate. They don't necessarily have to wear them to school, but they have to change into them for gym if they don't already have them on. Anyways, with that in mind, I took her to Wal-Mart yesterday to specifically find socks that she would wear...didn't go too bad. I had also bought her a new pair of school shoes Sun. night that she tried on Monday & said they were good. So, I removed the tags from the shoes & threw them away. This morning, she put a pair of socks on, said they didn't feel right, and I immediately reminded her that she had promised me she would wear these! Ok, so she agrees, then puts on her shoes, and now tells me that they don't feel right, and after taking about 5 steps towards the bathroom is whining that her feet hurt with every step. AAAGGGHHH!! I give up! I told her to take them off then & in the end, Mackenzie convinced her to just wear her white shoes (which are slip on shoes) and I packed her gym shoes & socks for her to take to school. I hope her teacher has better luck with her! :)

Monday, August 10, 2009

Just some misc. stuff

Here are some other odds & ends pictures from the summer:

We did some dog-sitting at some friends' house for a couple days..the girls LOVED it. Here they are with Bo & Bear:

Trevin sporting his black & blue head after falling out of the stroller:

Camden riding his bike:

Mackenzie taking Trevin for a ride in the jeep:

Jenna riding the 4 wheeler:

Trevin riding his "bike":


We went on vacation the last week of July. Actually, the girls were on vacation a week before that, too. To make a long story short, my grandfather passed away July 15, so on July 16 the girls & I flew to NY for the funeral. It was already planned for the girls to spend the following week with my parents, so I flew back to AL by myself Sun. morning. We spent much of the week cleaning up the house, doing laundry, and getting packed for the big trip the following week. We left Thurs. evening & drove through the night to my sister's house in Ohio for the weekend. We arrived at 3:45 a.m.! On Saturday, I drove to meet my parent's south of Cleveland to pick up the girls. We left my sister's house Mon. morning & headed to Pokagon state park in Indiana for a week with much of Tom's family. We left there on Friday & headed to Fort Wayne to visit with friends, and finally headed back home to Alabama on Sunday. We had a great time every place we went and are so glad we got to spend time with lots of family & friends.
Playing at Aunt Lori's house...."So Big"

So proud of himself for riding the big boy toys:

Cousins Grant & Camden:

Mackenzie water skiing:

Camden's 1st pony ride:

Trevin all tuckered out from playing:

Playing in the sand with the cousins:

Trevin wearing Uncle Dan's "Captain's hat":

Jenna water skiing:

Cousins; (back row L-R: Jenna, Chance, Macey, Mackenzie, Hayley, Keira, Sara; front row L-R: Trevin, Camden, Josie, Emma)

And finally a family photo:

Trevin's birthday

Trevin turned 1 over the weekend. As usual, we didn't do much for his birthday. We've gotten fairly lazy about birthdays around here....except we will do a party for Jenna this year since Kenzie had one when she was in Kindergarten.

Anyways, we had a puppy dog cake that the girls helped me make and then the girls found some various things from around the house to wrap up for him to open. They were so excited to do this...they wrapped up toys and even some of his clothes! It was pretty funny to see them get so excited!

Looking at the cake a little confused as we all sang:

Then he wanted to pull it to himself & dig in:

And finally he dug in!!!

Getting ready for school

Today was the 1st day of school for Mackenzie, but last week we were able to go & meet both girls' teachers and take all of their school supplies to their classrooms. Jenna starts tomorrow, so I will do my best to post a couple more pictures tomorrow from her "big day"

Jenna & her teacher Mrs. Lee:

Mackenzie & her teacher Mrs. Smith: (this is actually her 1st grade teacher's step-sister!)

Mackenzie ready to go on her first day of 2nd grade:

Getting on the bus by herself for the last time...