Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Our internet has been very spotty the past week, so that’s why I haven’t been able to post an update about Jenna’s dr. appointment. I actually had an update all written the other day, and when I went to post it, lost my internet connection – so frustrating!!

Anyways, Jenna’s appointment went well. The endocrinologist said all the tests they’ve run on other hormones (like insulin, vitamin D, etc.) have all come back normal. So, it looks like it’s just her calcium that is off. Her levels from last week were just a tad bit high, so he wanted me to reduce her tums from 5 to 3 with each meal. They drew more blood, and he called back later that afternoon to let me know her calcium had gone up even more, so to only give her 1 tum with each meal. Good thing, because the novelty of eating the “candy tablets” has worn off. But, since her levels were even higher, he wants blood drawn again next week. Poor Jenna…

Mackenzie had a rough week this week. She came home from school Tuesday with a stomach bug, and had thrown up on the bus! She was devastated by this since she is so shy everywhere else but at home! So she spent Tues. night in bed & in the bathroom. Poor kid. I kept her home Wed. from school & she was feeling better, and she was back to school yesterday.

Trevin slept through the night the other night! I actually woke him up to feed him when I was getting Mackenzie ready for school just so that he wouldn’t wake me up a ½ hr. after I went back to bed :) I know….kinda selfish. But, he has been consistently sleeping about 7 hrs. at night, so I’m very excited.

Camden pooped on the potty for the 1st time the other day as well! Tom’s mom started working with him while they were here, so I’ve been trying to pick up where she left off. It’s slow going, but we’ll get there! He has been trying to say so many new things, so that’s makes it a little easier since he can say “potty” when he has to go.

I guess that’s about it around here. I’m still trying to find the cord to upload pictures to the computer. And I’m back to unpacking boxes since I’m feeling pretty good after surgery. I still have to be careful not to lift stuff that’s real heavy.

Another update…our internet is still down – AAAGGGHHHH!
I finally made Tom go to a restaurant in town that has wireless so I could check my e-mail and post this update!

We started putting Camden in his “big boy” bed Saturday night, and miraculously he has never gotten out of his bed when we put him in it! I was fully prepared to spend an hour or so Sat. night putting him back in bed, but instead I got to watch TV un-interrupted. Kinda crazy, huh?

Jenna had blood drawn again today at the dr’s office, so we’ll see how the results come back this week.

I’ll do my best to keep you posted when we get our internet back up & running!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

One of these days...

I have a bunch of pictures on our camera, unfortunately I have yet to come across the cord to transfer them to the computer. So, one of these days I'll actually be able to post some pictures again :)

In the meantime, Tom's parents have gone back home, so we're on our own again. Feels kinda weird for some reason. Guess it's because our whole month was so crazy!

On Friday night, Mackenzie lost 2 teeth! Have you ever lost 2 teeth in one day? She actually still has one more loose tooth, but it's not quite ready yet. Grandma accidentally bumped her one tooth & it started bleeding, so I knew it was ready to come out. Then I checked her other loose teeth while I was at it, and realized one of her bottom ones was ready, too. She actually wasn't real thrilled that I said it was ready to come out, but after a small battle, I won, and her 2nd tooth was out. Once the bleeding stopped, she was pretty proud to have lost both teeth in one day.

Trevin has been sleeping almost 8 hours at night now! Yeah!!! He usually goes about 7 hours, so I'm happy. The only bad thing is that he wakes up around 4:30-5:00, which means after I feed him & put him back to bed, I only have like an hour before I have to get Mackenzie up for school. Oh well....I shouldn't complain!

Jenna is still doing well. We go for her follow-up appt. with the endocrinologist tomorrow morning. She has this big bump on her wrist that we want the dr. to take a look at. Her pediatrician looked at it, and he doesn't seem too concerned about it, so hopefully it's nothing. We'll see. And on another side note, it seems the tums are getting old for her. She is no longer so excited about taking them. Again, we'll see what the dr. says tomorrow.

Camden pooped on the potty for the 1st time yesterday! Tom's mom started working with him while they were here. I think she got tired of changing dirty diapers :) So, I'm trying my best to pick up where she left off, and see if we can make some progress. He is also finally trying to say a lot more stuff!! I thought he was never gonna talk. Now when we tell him to try saying something, he does give it an effort.

I guess that's about it. I hope to get pictures back up soon!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

A quick catch-up

We finally have our internet hooked up at the new house. A lot has happened since we got home last Thursday with Jenna, so I will try to do a quick run-down of what's been going on...

Thursday, October 2
Jenna was released from the hospital just after lunch. She has been feeling fine, and is on 2 medicines. She takes 5 tums with every meal and takes another calcium medication 2X a day. We are to have her blood drawn each week to check her calcium levels, and then we meet with the endocrinologist again in a couple weeks to re-evaluate everything.

Friday, October 3
I got lots of boxes unpacked, and my goal was to make the couch acccessible to sit on & relax :) The men worked on shelving & rods in the closets so we could get clothes put away in the kids' bedrooms. I got through most of the kids' clothes in their bedrooms, and made room to walk in their rooms w/o tripping on stuff! Tom and his dad took Camden & Jenna & went to the races at Talladega for a while. They said they saw some pretty good wrecks.

Saturday, October 4
I got sick in the night Fri. night and felt miserable all day Saturday, so I was pretty much useless around the house for the day! Tom and his dad took Mackenzie to the races at Talladega today - I guess it was trucks that were racing today.

Sunday, October 5
Tom was up in the night getting sick and was sick all day Sunday. Guess he must have caught what I had. Luckily I was better & got to go to church again finally! Got more boxes unpacked! No one went to the "big" race....we just watched it on TV.

Monday, October 6
Tom went back to work since he was feeling better. Tom's dad got shelves in our kitchen pantry finally so his mom could finish unpacking kitchen stuff. I continued working on unpacking boxes.

Tuesday, October 7
Jenna's 5th birthday was today! Tom's mom made a cake for her, and we spent the day just unpacking still.

Wednesday, October 8
Another CRAZY day! I had my gall bladder & tubal surgery today. Russ (Tom's dad) got to take me since Tom and Donna (his mom) had to take the other kids to the doctor's office. Trevin had his 2 month check-up, and Jenna had to have her bloodwork done. Camden was just along for the ride. I made it through surgery just fine, and we got back home around 3:30 p.m. I'm pretty sore, but doing well. Trevin is healthy...weighs 12 lbs 7 oz. He got 5 immunizations. Jenna got her blood drawn & we're waiting to hear back on her levels.

Thursday, October 9
I didn't sleep very well last night, since I'm used to sleeping on my stomach, but overall I feel OK. Still pretty sore, but thankfully Russ & Donna have been helpful with taking care of the kids so I don't have to do much, and I can just take it easy. It's hard not being able to unpack boxes & continue to get stuff put away, but they (the boxes) will still be there in a few days when I'm feeling more up to it! :)

We're hoping to get out & go for ice cream tonight, so I've gotta run. I hope this quick update was helpful. I will try to do more updates as time allow in the next few days.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Things are looking good!

Good news this morning! Jenna's calcium levels went up this morning & the doctors are all very pleased, so they are letting us go home this afternoon! Yeah!

I guess now begins various doctor appts for follow-ups, but overall, they are happy with her levels & are pretty sure they can keep them where they're at with her current medications.

Tom said they're supposed to be hooking up internet at our house today, so hopefully I can keep the updates coming once we get home. I guess I get to start working on unpacking boxes....

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Still hanging out

Good news...Tom brought my laptop to me last night & there is wireless internet here, so I can actually post updates more frequently now! Yeah! After I posted the update the other day, we found out Monday morning that Jenna's not allowed to leave her room now because she started running a fever Sunday afternoon & ran one pretty consistently until Monday morning. They started running some tests for viral stuff and evidently hospital policy is that when they check for viral stuff they have to be on "limited contact" which means everyone that comes into our room has to wear a gown & gloves, and she's not allowed to leave the room. She's done OK with it, although she is really missing her wagon rides around the hospital. Everyone that comes to visit has brought plenty of stuff for her to do, so she keeps busy.

As far as an update on her health, she is doing well. She hasn't run a fever since Mon. morning and has been in good spirits. Test results are still trickling in, and are looking good. Chest x-rays have been clear, an ultrasound she had done looked fine, and the viral tests that have come back have been negative. The biggest test result that we're still waiting on is on her parathyroid. The dr. said this morning that part of it has come back showing that it is nothing auto-immune which is good. If you're like me, I had to ask what that meant, and it means that the body is not attacking itself somehow (like lupus). The main result that they're still waiting on is to see if the PTH level comes back low. I don't know what that is, but if it does come back low or even normal I guess, then that means she has hypo parathyroidism & they'll be able to treat it. Right now they have been giving her medications to raise her calcium slowly. Originally, she had to eat 5 tums with every meal, then they switched & took her off those to give some other medications orally. I've given up asking the names of all the medications. But, anyways, the dr. said this morning that her calcium actually went down a little yesterday & again today (nothing drastic), so they're switching her meds up again. She'll go back on tums, and then up the dose on the other calcium medicine. She takes them both with each meal, and they just gave her a double dose of the tums (10 tums!!) for breakfast in hopes of boosting the calcium. Let's hope this does the trick :)

The dr. had said Monday that he hoped we could go home Wed. or Thurs., but now it's looking like it will be later since they still haven't gotten all the test results back, and her calcium dropped. They draw blood once each morning, so I'm guessing until they see for at least a couple days a level they like, they're not gonna discharge her. But, overall, she still looks good & feels good so that's encouraging to the doctor.

I guess the main prayer requests we have are that she will stay in good spirits, the test results will come back & not show something surprising, and her calcium will continue to go up.

In other news, Trevin has been a trooper here at the hospital with us. He has slept very well actually in a wagon and has been going 5-6 hours b/w feedings! Which means I actually have gotten some very good sleep here.

I'll sign off for now, and will keep you posted with any other updates as we have them! Thanks again for all your prayers!

One last side note....after I initially posted this, I found a web page that tells about hypoparathyroidism if you want to read about it: www.parathyroid.com/hypoparathyroidism.htm