Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Strep throat

Mackenzie has strep throat. Once again she barely complained about it, but luckily we found a clinic that was open after 5 tonight. They did a strep test that came back positive along with blook work that showed her white blood cell count to be up, so they gave her a shot & sent us home with a prescription for zithromax. Dr. even said she could go back to school tomorrow since she's not running a fever! Let's just hope that nobody else catches it!


This past weekend we spent much of our time at the Talladega Super Speedway for the races! We had a lot of fun...and the kids (well, Jenna at least) loved it. Our friends Scott & Sue went with us on Friday along w/the 3 oldest kids. Then on Saturday, just Jenna and I went. She did really well! We had some really good seats Saturday since it's general admission, and we only needed 2 seats! We sat pretty close to the start/finish line & we were up in the upper level seats where you can see almost the entire track. On Sunday, just Tom and I went since we got free tickets through his work. We had babysitters lined up for the kids so that we could enjoy the "real" race by ourselves! It was a beautiful day, and we had good seats once again. Not real close to the start/finish, but closer to the 4th turn where we ended up with a good view of the wreck on lap 8! With about 12 laps to go, my man Matt Kenseth was in the lead! I was so excited! But then some more cars behind him ended up wrecking & he headed to the pits. Not sure why, but that put him at the end of the pack. Bummer! I was ready to leave, but luckily we didn't....did you see the wreck that happened at the end of the race??? Carl Edwards flipped his car & smashed into the fence. It was CRAZY!!! Kinda unreal to see it in person & we weren't even that close!
Ok, so here's some pictures from the weekend:

Our friends Scott & Sue from Pennsylvania....

There was a crash during Friday's race on turn 4 & 2 of the cars ended up right in front of us!

Tom down at the fence w/Camden on his shoulders watching the clean-up

The view from our seats on Friday

Camden was so tired that he fell asleep on Tom's lap! Even with all the noise!

The view from our seats on Sunday....a look down by pit road....all the cars lined up & getting ready for the race
My favorite car #17 - Matt Kenseth as they were getting ready for the green flag (The yellow car)

The crash on lap #8 that took out a bunch of cars

Monday, April 20, 2009

Catch-up again!

I'm feeling a little overwhelmed with everything that has been going on, and I have not updated in so long! I don't have any new pictures downloaded yet either, so you'll have to suffer through a quick update on what we've had going on!

Let me start with the BEST news, and regress from there :)
Jenna accepted Jesus as her Saviour last night! It is always so sweet when a child comes to understand what God did for them by sending His Son to die for them. We pray she will always love the Lord & strive to live her life for Him!!

And here's what else we've been up to: (in no particular order)
- my sister & family & friends stopped by on the way through to Florida to spend the night. They also stopped on their way home, too!

-Tom's brother & family did the exact same thing as my sister. It worked out perfectly both weekends that they each stopped on different nights, so our kids got to see lots of cousins 2 weekends in a row!!!

-we finished the room above our garage just in time for all the visitors we had! We're so thankful that Tom found someone to do the drywall mudding!

-we've had a couple days with tornado warnings which always makes life interesting!

-Jenna had her 6 mos. follow-up appt with the endocrinologist. It went well, and she had more blood drawn. We just got a letter from the doctor saying her calcium level was a little low, so she may have to go back to taking tums with every meal, but really it probably means that I NEED to be more attentive to getting her medicine in her 2 times every day. I've been bad lately!

-Both girls are playing softball, and b/w the 2 of them have games 3-4 nights a week. Sometimes they both have games on the same night, thankfully at the same location, so it's a little easier, but busy either way!

-Mackenzie is also busy practicing for a musical she's in at church the first weekend in May. She is so excited, and we can't wait to see her in it!

-Mackenzie has 1 month left of school! She has done so well, and LOVES to read!

- I battled a cold for a couple weeks & was beginning to think it would never go away Trevin cought a bit of it w/some chest congestion, and Camden also got a cough but thankfully both got over it fairly quickly.

-Trevin is getting faster & faster every day I think. He's started standing on his own for a second, so I'm sure he'll have that mastered in no time :) He also eats like a champ now!

That's about all I can think of for now, and here's a little preview of some things we've got coming up:

- Jenna's kindergarten registration is next week!

- Jenna & Trevin have regular pediatrician check-ups....Trevin his 9 mos. check-up, and Jenna will finally have her 5 yr. check-up that I've been putting off to get her shots for school

- We are having visitors again in a couple days! Our friends Scott & Sue from PA are coming for a couple days! We met them on a cruise a couple years ago, and we've kept in touch ever since.

- The races are this weekend at Talladega. We're gonna take Scott & Sue on Friday, and Tom and I will go to the big race on Sunday!

- And, of course the girls have lots of softball games....

Lastly, I just wanted to ask everyone to pray for a family that lives in Fort Wayne. I don't know this family personally, but a couple friends of mine in Ft. Wayne know them and the most tragic thing happened over the weekend. Rachel Amstutz (31) passed away very unexpectedly. She & her husband Scott have 3 little children....6, 4, and 9 DAYS old! She was nursing the baby and stopped breathing. The EMS worked on her as well as at the hospital, but they were unable to save her. They think she had a blood clot that went to her heart or lung. I am SO SAD for this family - I can't even imagine what they're going through, so I know they need as many prayers as possible. Please pray that God would wrap His loving arms around them and bring them through this most difficult time! I know they would appreciate it!

Until next time...