Monday, January 18, 2010

Mackenzie's 8th Birthday

Mackenzie had 2 friends over to spend the night for her birthday this year. We did all sorts of fun stuff! Here's a few pictures from the party:

We started off with a string maze....

Each person had a different color string that they had to follow throughout the upstairs, rolling it up until they got to the end & found their prize

Of course their was cake...

Trevin loved his cake as usual

Poor Tom got attacked by the girls!

They decorated pillowcases since it was a sleepover

Then it was time to get ready for a fashion show

After the fashion show, they did each other's make-up....blindfolded!! It was hilarious! Erin is doing Jenna's make-up here:

This is Mackenzie doing Alyssa's make-up

And the finished product...

All 4 girls after their make-up is done

To end the night we did chocolate face masks! Yummy!

Saturday morning we added a couple more girls & they did silly string out on the trampoline

It was a great party, even though the girls tried to tell me at 2:15 a.m. that they had had a good night's sleep! Needless to say I told them to get in bed, and 10 minutes later they were SOUND asleep!!

A few miscellaneous things

And here's just a few misc. pics to enjoy...

We went to a roller skating birthday party for a friend. This was Jenna & Camden's first time to skate. They did pretty good. Mackenzie has skated before, and did a great job!

Mackenzie's poor eye when she had preseptal cellulitis

Trevin got into a box of baking soda & made a mess, but had a ball playing in it!

We got snow in Alabama! This was the most I saw around our house, and schools were let out at 11:00 one day, then we had a 2 hr. delay the next day for this!

"Our" family Christmas

Once we got back from our trip to Ohio, we did our Christmas. Problem is, we got home at about 12:30 a.m., so we opened gifts then!

Jenna went straight to the bathroom to put on her new make-up!

Mackenzie showing off her silly bandz that are so popular around here

Camden & Trevin excited about the "new" hot wheels jeep (from the thrift store!!)


We spent our Christmas in Ohio, and got to see a little bit of snow. Enough for the kids to play in, but not so much that it was hard to drive in. We spent the first 5 days at Tom's parent's house, then headed over to my sister's house for 2 days.

One of Mackenzie's favorite gifts...cook it in a cup

Trevin opening one of his gifts

Camden was super excited about something!

Visiting Tom's Granmommie (our family & his brother Rob's family)

Jenna showing off one of her gifts

Trevin with his much needed helmet!!!

A picture just to show the general mess of opening gifts!

Trevin happily wearing a goofy hat I found at my sister's house