Saturday, February 28, 2009

Well, I'm a day late on this post, but better late than never, huh?

Here's some stuff you may have heard around our house this week:

Jenna: "How come we couldn't ride a helicopter to Alabama?"
Ruth: "Because it wouldn't fit all our stuff!"
Jenna: "We coulda rode a train!"

After a tornado warning this week...
Mackenzie: "Where do tornadoes go when they're done?"
Ruth: "Back up in the sky"
Jenna: "Do tornadoes live in the woods?"

A couple weeks ago when Tom prayed with the girls before they went to bed, they were talking about bad dreams, and Tom told the girls that sometimes scary dreams can be fun. (What was he thinking??) SO anyways, just this week, Jenna had a bad dream....
Jenna (whispering in Tom's ear because she was still scared to even talk about it!): "We were at the playground and a little boy had a gun and started shooting the kids at the park. " Then she put her hands on her hips and continued out loud this time "You said scary dreams could be fun, does THAT sound like fun???"
Tom: No, that's really scary!

That's all I have for this week!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Not Me Monday

Ok, so time for another "episode" of Not Me Monday...

1. No, not me...I would never let Jenna wear the same outfit for 2 days in a row, including sleeping in it!

2. No, not me....I would never clean out 20 shirts from my husband's closet w/o him ever even noticing!

3. No, not me....I would never leave a dirty washcloth that I had used on Camden's bottom on the counter top in the bathroom only to find Jenna "playing" with it a little bit later...that would be gross!

4. No, not me....I would never be MORE concerned about waking my kids up from a nap than getting them into the basement due to the threat of a tornado this past week. I'm all about safety 1st...not whether my kids are gonna be grumpy!

5. No, not me...I would never use duct tape on Camden's diaper to make sure he didn't take it off!

So go comment & tell me which is "true"

Ok, and for last week's answer, those of you that guessed Mackenzie selling Girl Scout cookies, you were right. It's not so much that I wouldn't have let her do it, because I never did sign the "contract", but I went with her just so I could chit-chat with the neighbors :)

And Jen P....I truly did find 2 cards from Camden's b-day last year w/money still in them! I had thrown them in a bag at the last minute since we were getting ready to move, and then I came across the bag a couple weeks ago. It actually worked out in Camden's was $20 more I could put toward a "big" gift for him for this year!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Fly on the Wall Friday

So, these are some things that were said around our house this week:

Jenna: "I know God looks mean" (She said this during one of our devotions this week...and it really had nothing to do with the devotion either....)

Jenna: "Mommy, are you tired of those flowers being on the table?" (She was referring to the flowers Tom got me for Valentine's Day)

Camden: "Daddy!" (Said while at Wendy's, but pointing at some black man as he was leaving! Hmmm....)

Tom: "You really need to cut Trevin's hair, he's starting to look like an old man with a mullet"

I'm realizing as I try to write things down during the week, that Jenna is truly at an age that she just says some really funny off the wall things!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Tornado! Quick, get in the basement.

We just had a tornado that went through Riverside. Luckily it must have missed our house. We are getting ready to go out & find out where it hit.

Here's a short video clip of Trevin. Today he decided to start crawling.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Not Me Monday

So first things first....

It was Tom who actually posted the last update, not me like it says. You all should know that I "talk" a lot more with my posts, not just put pictures!

Next, the answer to last week's "not me Monday" was that I truly did not send Mackenzie to school for pajama day on the wrong day. So, that means that, yes, I have done all the other things listed!
I should clarify, though...
-For those that may not remember, there is a girl on Mackenzie's bus that does her hair almost every day, so that's why I don't have to brush it :)
-As for throwing papers in the trash, well, OK, it's not right to lie, but I did blame it on Camden so that her feelings weren't hurt that I purposely threw them away...
-Even though I forgot to send the snack on the 100th day of school, they actually did "100" stuff all week, so I sent the snack the next day.

And now for a new edition of "No, not me..."

1. No, not me...I would never hold Trevin facing outward so that he wouldn't spit up on me, only to have him spit up all over Camden.

2. No, not me.....I would never send Mackenzie out to sell Girl Scout cookies w/o adult supervision after signing a "contract" that says I won't let her go out & sell cookies by herself.

3. No, not me....I would never leave my kids in the car for 10 minutes while I run into the store knowing it would be SO MUCH faster w/o them.

4. No, not me....I would never find cards from Camden's birthday last year & discover that they still had money in them that we never spent for him and then go ahead & use the money this year to buy birthday gifts for him.

Ok, so go ahead & guess which of the above is actually "true"....

Saturday, February 14, 2009


Kenzie had a music "concert" (as Jenna would say) for her school..

Jenna and Camden made some bread teddy bears.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Fly on the Wall Friday

Ok, so I'm stealing another idea from my friend Jen's blog! She posts things that her kids say that are cute & funny. So, I'm gonna try my best to post some things that my kids say....

Jenna: "What does "because" mean?" (If I remember this was in response to her asking me why she couldn't have something and of course I said "because....")

Jenna: "Let's sing red nosed the reindeer" (From Christmas time....obviously supposed to be Rudolph the Red nosed reindeer)

Jenna: "I'm hungry" (literally 10 minutes after dinner was over, and I wasn't even done putting dirty dishes away!!)

Mackenzie: "When was the last time you didn't obey the 1st time?" (After getting in trouble for not obeying the 1st time and me telling her even I have to obey what God tells me in the Bible)

Camden: "--prise!" (with his hands up in the air....for some reason the girls started this when we lived in the apartment, and every time they walk in the door, they say "surprise!", so Camden has picked up on it, and bless his heart tries to say it every time he walks in the house)

Jenna: "Scuprise!" (see above...Jenna can't quite say it right yet either)

Trevin: giggle, giggle (this week I was telling Mackenzie about this neat valentine that Camden got at church that you hit with your fist, and a balloon blows up on it's own in this little bag, then "pop!" out it comes from the package, and when I said, "pop!" I was holding Trevin & kinda bounced him up a little, and he just started giggling like crazy!!)

I guess that's it for now. Check back next week for some more...
And, don't forget to check out the blog from Monday to "vote"!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Doctor check-ups

Today we went to the doctor for Trevin's 6 month check-up as well as Camden's 2 yr. check-up.

Trevin weighs in at 16 lbs, and is doing fine. He is still nursing, and has finally decided to take a bottle every once in a while so that I can have a break! We've been doing cereal, and I will probably start some veggies in the near future.

Camden is 24 lbs and we're going to be watching in the next couple months to see if he starts talking better. He should be putting a couple 2 word phrases together, and he doesn't! So, we've got to work on that. The doctor isn't too concerned yet (neither am I) since he is at least trying to repeat words that we tell him. I found out that he has an ear infection, which is actually good news in some ways because it explains the yucky eyes he's been waking up with every morning. The doctor thinks it's related to that. The ear that he has the infection in has already lost the tube that was put in last March, and as the doctor was cleaning out his other ear (TONS of wax in it!!), he "found" the tube in that ear. So, both tubes are officially out, and we'll just have to see what happens. We're also going to see how his sleeping goes after this ear infection clears up. He snores really bad again, and sleeps until about 9:30 most days, which seems a bit absurd to me. Both the dr. and I wonder if he's not getting a real restful sleep at night, which is why he sleeps so long. Not sure if it's related to his tonsils, so we're just gonna keep an eye on things and check back with the dr. in a month.

Overall, a good visit, with no major concerns. Jenna had blood drawn again, and after the ped. dr. called the endocrinologist to make sure they wanted it tested again, the endocrinologist said he wanted a urine sample as well. Of course, in the meantime, while waiting to hear if we needed bloodwork done, Jenna used the restroom. SO....we got to sit around & wait on Jenna to go "potty" again. It took 5 cups of water (and about an hour) before she could muster up a sample! Needless to say, by the time I left, I had 3 kids who were tired, hungry, and miserable!

Oh, and thanks for the guesses on my last post. Keep the guesses coming....I'll give the answer after I get at least 5 guesses or next Monday, whichever comes first :)

Monday, February 9, 2009

Not Me Monday

Ok, my friend Jen (who also has 4 kiddos) has this "segment" on her blog every Monday called Not Me Monday where she basically tells everyone about the things she does that probably most moms do, but we never actually admit to! They're really funny, and after much thought, I've decided I could probably come up with some good ones as well, BUT I'm gonna do it with a little twist in an effort to get some feedback! (And to try to be just a little different from Jen) I'm gonna post some things, but you've got to guess which of the 4 things is not true. Or, actually, I guess by the way they're worded, which one is true. Confusing....but I think you get it.

So anyways, here you go....

1. No, not me....I would never forget to send a snack (that was assigned to me) to school with Mackenzie for their 100th day of school celebration!

2. No, not me....I would never blame Camden for throwing some of her school papers in the trash!

3. No, not me....I would never send Mackenzie to school in her pajamas for "pajama day" on the wrong day!

4. No, not me....I would never send Mackenzie to school without brushing her hair, let alone do this 3 or 4 days in a row! which one is "true"? I.E. I've actually done 3 out of the 4.

Friday, February 6, 2009

More pictures

Everyone ended up with green tongues after eating Camden's birthday cake.

Here's some older pictures we just found from a lost memory card. We found Camden sleeping under the bed when we woke up in the morning. No one knows why or how he got there.

Here's all the cousins in New York for Christmas.

Here's Grandpa Hamilton with Trevin.

Camden is now 2.

Today we celebrated Camden's 2nd birthday. He didn't seem to know what all the fuss was about at first, then he eventually caught on after he seen the presents.

Below are some pictures of the lovely car cake that Ruth made.

It hasn't rained for a while and it has been cold. Today it finally warmed back up (high 60's). We had a "Hard Freeze" warning the other day because it got down to 13°F over night.

The lake level is down due to the lack of rain. I guess it's time to fix the dock.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The weekend

We had a busy weekend...
Friday night Tom took Camden & Jenna to a pajama party for the preschoolers at our church. Jenna came home & told me it was so much fun! They had a few different "moonwalk" things, and Tom said at first Camden was scared of them. He finally took him in some of them, and once Camden realized how fun they were, he had a great time.

Saturday we had a birthday party to go to. It was at a place called Party Central where, once again, they have a bunch of "moonwalk" things to play on. The kids had a blast again!

Saturday night, I (Ruth) took the 3 older kids to the Ringling Bros. Circus in Birmingham. Tom stayed home with Trevin since he's been fighting a cold & didn't really feel up to going. Plus, that saved me from having to keep a very wiggly Trevin on my lap!

Sunday was a very exciting day as well! Mackenzie went forward in church Sunday morning to tell our pastor she wants to get baptized! I am so proud of her! We are supposed to meet with him sometime in the next week or two, and then we'll find out for sure when the next baptism is scheduled.

Lastly, we went to our friends' house to watch the Super Bowl & do our best to cheer for the Cardinals. Overall, a fun weekend, and now it's back to the daily grind!

Thanks for checking in! And here's a picture to show just how close Trevin is to crawling! (The boy sitting in the picture is a little boy I was babysitting)