Thursday, October 9, 2008

A quick catch-up

We finally have our internet hooked up at the new house. A lot has happened since we got home last Thursday with Jenna, so I will try to do a quick run-down of what's been going on...

Thursday, October 2
Jenna was released from the hospital just after lunch. She has been feeling fine, and is on 2 medicines. She takes 5 tums with every meal and takes another calcium medication 2X a day. We are to have her blood drawn each week to check her calcium levels, and then we meet with the endocrinologist again in a couple weeks to re-evaluate everything.

Friday, October 3
I got lots of boxes unpacked, and my goal was to make the couch acccessible to sit on & relax :) The men worked on shelving & rods in the closets so we could get clothes put away in the kids' bedrooms. I got through most of the kids' clothes in their bedrooms, and made room to walk in their rooms w/o tripping on stuff! Tom and his dad took Camden & Jenna & went to the races at Talladega for a while. They said they saw some pretty good wrecks.

Saturday, October 4
I got sick in the night Fri. night and felt miserable all day Saturday, so I was pretty much useless around the house for the day! Tom and his dad took Mackenzie to the races at Talladega today - I guess it was trucks that were racing today.

Sunday, October 5
Tom was up in the night getting sick and was sick all day Sunday. Guess he must have caught what I had. Luckily I was better & got to go to church again finally! Got more boxes unpacked! No one went to the "big" race....we just watched it on TV.

Monday, October 6
Tom went back to work since he was feeling better. Tom's dad got shelves in our kitchen pantry finally so his mom could finish unpacking kitchen stuff. I continued working on unpacking boxes.

Tuesday, October 7
Jenna's 5th birthday was today! Tom's mom made a cake for her, and we spent the day just unpacking still.

Wednesday, October 8
Another CRAZY day! I had my gall bladder & tubal surgery today. Russ (Tom's dad) got to take me since Tom and Donna (his mom) had to take the other kids to the doctor's office. Trevin had his 2 month check-up, and Jenna had to have her bloodwork done. Camden was just along for the ride. I made it through surgery just fine, and we got back home around 3:30 p.m. I'm pretty sore, but doing well. Trevin is healthy...weighs 12 lbs 7 oz. He got 5 immunizations. Jenna got her blood drawn & we're waiting to hear back on her levels.

Thursday, October 9
I didn't sleep very well last night, since I'm used to sleeping on my stomach, but overall I feel OK. Still pretty sore, but thankfully Russ & Donna have been helpful with taking care of the kids so I don't have to do much, and I can just take it easy. It's hard not being able to unpack boxes & continue to get stuff put away, but they (the boxes) will still be there in a few days when I'm feeling more up to it! :)

We're hoping to get out & go for ice cream tonight, so I've gotta run. I hope this quick update was helpful. I will try to do more updates as time allow in the next few days.

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