Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Catching up

We are super busy around here. Tom is working hard to finish the room above our garage, and the girls have started softball , and of course practices b/w the 2 of them are just about every day of the week!

Plus, I've been working with Camden again on potty training, and I say we are 99% potty trained! Yeah!! He LOVES his cars underwear, and insists on wearing 2 or even 3 pairs at a time if he finds them laying around. Crazy kid!

I didn't get around to my usual posts on Fri. & Mon. Sorry! I promise I will get them done by Friday this week, along with hopefully a couple new pictures. We have been enjoying the nice weather, and I've been working on switching out winter clothes for spring & summer clothes. I feel like I've been load after load of laundry!

I also wanted to mention that after my last post, not a single person has signed up!! Interesting to's a FREE way to earn money as far as I can tell. Must be everyone is afraid there is some string attached somewhere. I only need 4 people to sign up, and I can't even get that! If you go to their website, check out the info under "Build Your Network" to see what I'm talking about. If you choose to sign up, don't forget to include my member #100196

Gotta run...check back soon!

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