Friday, August 8, 2008

It's A Boy!!


Shirley said...


Leah said...

Oh, a million things to say!
1. How exciting that he is here!! Congratulations.
2. I can't believe it's a boy - I was convinced it was a girl! I've very happy you have two and two.
3. I notice that Tom posted the castor oil at 6AM and this pick a short 2hr45min later - dying to know the whole story. Epidural?
4. I am very impressed that you took the castor oil. I was going to suggest it instead of water-skiing but didn't know if you would go for it! Apparently so!
5. What a cool birthday 08-08-08!
6. You went on your due date! Very, very cool!
Okay, I'm dying to talk to you. My mom said you don't have our number. I'll e-mail it to you right now, but I'll also call your cell here in a bit. Yeah!!

Jen said...

I knew it! cool birthday! can't wait to hear the whole story. what's the name!!!!?

looks just like Camden!


kristin said...

AHHHH! Ruth, I'm so excited for you...i thought it was going to be a boy! How fun...and double the trouble :)
I'm with jen and leah - I want to know how this all worked. Glad he's here, though and you and baby are doing fine.

Anonymous said...

Was just wondering what the name of our new nephew and cousin is!! We're all anxious to know! Glad everything is going well...can't wait to see him.