Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Life during a strike

So it's been a week now that Navistar has been on strike. It's been interesting :) Here's a few of the things going on now that Tom is home:

- Tom babysat Friday afternoon while I went out for a "girl's afternoon". He not only had our 2 girls, but he had 2 extra boys as well! For Camden's sake, I took him to a friend's house for fear that he'd get stuck w/o ANY attention since Tom had 4 others to keep an eye on!

- Tom babysat yesterday afternoon for a couple hours as well, this time getting paid! Who knew Tom was such a good babysitter?

- Tom sent me out yesterday morning to go job hunting! I've been told I need to get a job, and quick! Nevermind that it might interfere with his nap schedule, or his interviewing across the United States! :)

- Not much new with the girls...when Mackenzie got home from school today, she (& Jenna) & 2 of her friends were outside coloring. A few minutes later I looked outside & this is what I saw...

Of course nothing picked up, and they were off to someone else's house to play & probably leave a mess there as well! Where did we go wrong teaching our kids to pick up after themselves??

On a more serious note, Tom has some tough decisions to make even in the next day or so. He has an offer from a company in Memphis, TN and he has to let them know by tomorrow whether or not he's going to accept, plus he's had 2 phone interviews with another company in Alabama. Please continue to pray for our family as we take each day & decision one at a time. It's so hard to know what's best!

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