Monday, October 15, 2007


Tom took this picture of Camden Saturday morning:

But, he is actually doing much better now. No more yucky eyes. On the other hand, every kid on the street has been sick, and of course they're always in & out of our house as well as everyone else's houses, so it was bound to happen that they all shared what they had. There have been 5 kids on the street that have tested positive for strep, and one of those is Jenna's little friend, who also had 2 ear infections, and pink eye. SO...I guess it was our turn. Mackenzie tested positive for strep yesterday (she makes #6 on the street) & Jenna woke up with pink eye yesterday. So, although Camden is feeling better, now the girls are on medicine, but both seem to be doing better already. Hopefully they won't pass their "stuff" to each other! I keep telling them to keep their hands off each other & their brother & to wash their hands often :)


Leah said...

Oh, Ruth, that is just awful. My eyes are watering just from looking at the poor guy. Hang in there with all your sick kiddos!

JPo said...

looks like he got in a fight.

poor guy,