Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Whose fault is it??

Ok, so I'm taking a fun poll....make sure you put your 2 cents in!!
I forgot to tell you all about a funny (?) thing that happened over the weekend. On our way to Cedarville on Friday, we stopped in Springfield to get something to eat for the girls since they hadn't had dinner. Here's where the story begins:

Person A was driving, and Person B was napping in the front seat. Person A parks right in front of the door, gets the kids out to go into Arby's, and put the keys in the front cup holder since person B was staying in the car. Person B wakes up, looks everywhere for the keys, doesn't see them, and locks the van since the laptop is sitting in the backseat. And so...the keys are locked in the van!!! Mind you this is the gray van which does not have keyless entry or an extra key anywhere but on the key rack at home.

So the ongoing discussion that night was whose fault was it that the keys were locked in the van?? What do you think? Person A, Person B, or both since Person A should have kept the keys with them, and Person B shouldn't have locked the van until they knew for sure where the keys were?


JPo said...

Hmmm. I wonder who person B was.... napping in the front seat... hmmm.... I think I know a guy who's favorite past time is taking a nap. Could person be one Thomas Palmer?

As for the poll, I'd say both! I know I'm no help.

Leah said...

I'm gonna go Person A - I would have left the napper in the car and taken the keys in with me. Although Person B is a slouch too for napping and leaving Person A to do all the driving and childcare. :)

p.s. I hope Persons A & B are getting along just peachy outside of this minor, comical mishap.

p.s.s. I'd hate to see the poll results for some of the mishaps we've had through our married years so far.

Carol said...

I'm definitely going with Person B being at fault. Especially since you agreed with me last week on the dispute that Person "G" and I were having!

Gary Seitz said...

Person A should have packed a picnic lunch.

Gary Seitz said...

Besides Person B could have been vanjacked!

steelers rule said...

Person A by sure is not guilty. Was person B eating more fudge? Is that the reason he was sleeping. We know how the fudge can make you sleepy and have the munchies.

Anonymous said...

Response from your older "more" responsible brother...get a dog! Then its always the "DOGS" fault...(Boy aren't I a smart feller..or fart smeller ? Yes siree ..I mighta been born at night ... but it wasn't last night!!

My 2Cents worth!

RHP said...

Person A should have left the kids in the car to wake up person B while person A ordered the meal. In doing such, person A should hold fast to the keys so the van-bound kids would not take a joy ride while person B continued to nap. Without a doubt, person A.