Tuesday, May 6, 2008

House/property update

It's been a while since I updated the scoop on our house/property. We actually closed on the property yesterday afternoon, so we're officially lake lot owners! :)

We met with our builder at lunch time today to go over where exactly we want the house, and what trees need to come down, etc. etc. He is taking care of getting the permits he needs today, he's already contacted whoever to get our official address, and will also take care of calling the power company to get that hooked up. There is a cable line that goes right across the property so I just called them to let them know we need that moved in order to start knocking down trees.

Anyways, the builder said he's gonna have a guy out there tomorrow to start the excavating! Yeah! That means, though, that Tom is gonna be busy tonight because he's gotta mark all the trees he wants cut down, as well as get the "back porch" that is on the property taken apart & out of the way. When I say back porch, it's a wooden porch that was just sitting on the land for some reason. It's supposedly like 20 yrs. old, but it's in really good shape! It has a metal roof, and one part is screened in. It's pretty nice, actually, but we're not sure yet how we could use it with the new house, so we're pretty much gonna dis-assemble it & possibly re-build it later. The builder said he would guess there's about $600-$800 worth of wood, so we hate to just destroy it all together.

Guess that's it for now! I'll let you know how things progress....

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Jen F. said...

How about some pictures of this lake-front property when you get the chance? Thanks!