Friday, February 15, 2008

Back in the COLD

Ok, so I'm back up north in the cold! Camden had his 1 yr. old check-up today. He weighed in at just over 17 lbs, so just a peanut like the girls were. The doctor decided to put him on antibiotics to see if that helps his continuous runny nose, but did say that both of his ears were infected and his chest sounded a little rattly as well. So, let's hope this clears everything up!

And for those wondering about if we found a house down in Alabama, the answer is not really. I mean, we found a couple we can make work, but they're not by any means ones we love! When I left, I basically told Tom it's up to him to make a decision as to whether he wants to put an offer on any of them, and if so, which one. I don't really care...I was just frustrated by the time I left due to the prices of houses down there, and what you get for the outrageous prices! Oh will all work out.

So once I know more of what's going on, I'll let you know. Until then, we're just enjoying our last days here in Indiana, and trying to think about what we'll need to live on in the apartment down there until we get into a house!

Thanks for the prayers, and I'll update more when I have more news...

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