Saturday, January 26, 2008

Finally, a couple pictures

I realized my last couple posts haven't had any pictures, so I figured I'd put a couple pictures on from Mackenzie's birthday. We just went to Chuck E. Cheese's so we didn't have to clean up anything at our house afterwards! What a crazy day - it was jam packed full. But, they had fun anyways...

In other news, the girls are doing really good so far keeping their toys & stuff picked up each night before they go to bed, so we've been able to do relatively well at keeping the house clean. Now I realize it's only been a couple days, but still, give us a couple days normally, and our house could look like a disaster! :)

Lastly, for those thay may not have noticed, I put a new ticker at the top of our page. Those that know me, know I'm not good at making "big" announcements, so this is my fairly subtle way of announcing that Tom and I are expecting again. Mackenzie made the final phone call this morning to my parents to let them know the news, so all of our families know now. Nothing like taking our time, huh??

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Anonymous said...

Sneaky you ....bloggers always find out before family :)!!!