Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Big News....I think

Well, as of this morning, I think it's pretty much official that we're moving to Alabama! The guy from Harley Davidson called this morning & verbally "accepted" Tom's counter-offer to their offer that we got last week. Make sense? Anyways, they're gonna get an updated offer letter out to him, and do their background check, etc. Tom will also have to pass a drug test before he's officially hired, so hopefully he can pass that :)

We will have to break the news to Mackenzie this afternoon when she gets home from school. Ever since Tom went for his interview, she has been telling us she does NOT want to move. (Maybe it's due to the fact that Tom told her quite some time ago that if we moved, it would mean she would never see her friends again?! - what was he thinking??) As for me, I'm finding that I seem to be OK with the whole thing until I actually start to talk about it out loud. We'll be OK, and the Lord will take care of us, but please do keep us in your prayers as we start working on this whole transition. We obviously don't know the official start date yet or anything, but it definitely won't be until at least January.

Thanks for checking on us, and I'll continue to keep you posted with any other news.


Anonymous said...

Moving is a great chance to minister to new people, meet new friends, and draw closer to God and one another as you seek His direction for a new church and home! I know LOTS about moving, so sit back (not litterally, b/c there's LOTS to do!) and watch God work, trusting HIM as you go!
I'll be praying with you for God to work out all of HIS details in your lives!
Heather Amundson
Missionary to Chile

Kristin said...

RUTH!! AHHWW!! I didn't really think it would happen...I know your following God's provision and leading for your family, and that's exciting, but we will sure miss you. We told Trent last night and I don't think he gets it...we weren't as blunt as Tom! Talk to you soon.

steelersrule said...

Hopefully that fudge is through Tom's system by now.

Jen said...

Yeah, I was thinking we'd be bringing you a big basket of poppyseed muffins, just for Tom. That should take care of this moving nonsense. Just kidding. We know God has big plans for you. We just wish it was here with us.



Ruth Palmer said...

Thanks everyone for your kind comments! I know we will be just fine in God's hands, and we will miss everyone here in Ft. Wayne like crazy. Continue to keep us in your prayers as we go through the "details" now of moving.