Sunday, April 22, 2007

Thunder over Louisville

We made our annual trip to "Thunder Over Louisville" again this weekend. The weather was exceptional, and we were able to sit with some friends from church again this year. These 2 pictures are from our seats where we watched the fireworks....we were literally in front row seats this year! This is the sidewalk which runs right next to the Ohio River. The guy sitting next to me said that about 3 days before, this sidewalk was under water, so that gives you an idea of just how close we were!! Once again the fireworks were absolutely phenomenal, and the grand finale just rocked like nothing I've ever seen!! Camden did pretty well. He fussed a couple times, partly because the fireworks may have literally scared the poop out of him - I had to change his dirty diaper on my lap while the fireworks were going on since that was the only light, and if you wait until afterwards, it's a madhouse, so I had no choice really :)

This was just after the fireworks started, and Camden was sitting watching them:

And this video is a little bit of what we enjoyed. Tom is the one who recorded it, so you'll hear him & Mackenzie every once in a while on it! There are actually 2 sets of fireworks going off, so Tom tends to switch the camera from one to the other quite a bit, and there are also fireworks that are set off from a bridge, so you'll see those as well. One last note is that this is NOT the grand finale! Hope you enjoy!


Carol Seitz said...

Listening to Tom is as much fun as watching the fireworks! Wow, these are amazing!

Leah said...

Sweet Action!!!