Tuesday, January 27, 2009

What we've been up to

I'm beginning to realize that I don't have time to update this blog as often as I'd like with 4 kids around!
Anyways, we are all still alive and plugging along. Here's what we've been up to:
Mackenzie - Had her 7th birthday on January 9th while I was out of town. She kept telling me to buy a gift while I was gone, so she finally got to open her gift the following Monday. Since I was out of town, my dear friend Tracy called Tom and asked if they could bring a cake over for Mackenzie's birthday. I had no idea she was going to do this, so when I called Kenzie that Friday night to wish her a happy birthday, there was a house full of people (they have 3 kids of their own). She made a beautiful cupcake cake, and Mackenzie told me it was delicious. (Thanks again Tracy!!!)
Other than that, she has a friend on the bus who has been doing her hair every day, and she loves it! I love it, too, because I no longer have to fight with her every day to get her hair brushed.

Jenna - had a nasty cough virus that took almost 2 1/2 weeks to run it's course. She had terrible nights where she couldn't stop coughing, and so she slept a lot during the days. She is finally over that, but sounds like she has a cold now. She is acting fine, though, so we'll see....

Camden - also was sick when Jenna was sick. Poor Tom had to change some nasty diapers while I was out of town. He even had to figure out how to take the whole car seat apart so he could wash the cloth part. Luckily, he is doing better, and is now just fighting a runny nose. Otherwise, he is back to himself, and is cracking me up lately. He loves his cars, and just gets so excited any time he gets his cars, or sees cars, or wears clothes with cars on them. He loves to SHOW Trevin his cars, but does not want Trevin to touch them!!
Trevin - is finally eating cereal on a regular basis and doing pretty well. He has been waking up every now & then during the night for some reason, but I refuse to feed him because I know he doesn't truly need it, so he's learning to cry himself back to sleep! He is also very close to crawling actually. He gets up on his knees and rocks back & forth, then usually just rolls over & rolls to wherever he wants to go. He is sitting up pretty well, too. He is a VERY wiggly kid!

Tom - he ended up going to the doctor & got antibiotics for a sore throat & cough as well. He has also finished up his work bench area in the basement and unpacked most of his boxes. He bought a new John Deere zero turn lawnmower, so he's actually excited to mow the lawn this summer! I think it was a bit much, but whatever.....

Me - As I mentioned before, I flew back to NY just after the first of the year for my grandma's funeral. I re-connected with a bunch of cousins, and I can honestly say enjoyed the funeral. It truly was a blessing that she went to be her Lord and Savior and is no longer suffering! I also enjoyed catching up with relatives & cousins on the other side of the family as well when I attended one cousin's wedding. There was a ton of snow while I was "home" and I have to say I don't miss all that weather a bit down here!! Since I've been back, I've just been trying to get back to normal - whatever that is. Laundry, cleaning house, cooking, taking care of kids, and actually watching a few "extra" kids every once in a while to help friends out. And, going out for lunch with friends to get out of the house!

I think that just about covers it. I'd better run....I've got 2 kids crying, 1 in bed (sick), and another not even close to being ready for bed. You can try to figure out who is who....

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