Sunday, July 1, 2007


Last weekend we went on a camping trip with a big group from our church. The girls had a blast playing with friends & riding bikes a TON! We got to use our new tent, and the weather wasn't too bad. It sprinkled a couple times Saturday and we had a slight drizzle Sunday morning, but it wasn't too HOT or too cold.

A few highlights from the weekend were jiffy popcorn which Tom still hasn't learned how to make over a campfire as you'll see from the picture below: (if you can't read it, the one on the left is what I made, the one on the right is what Tom made)

And getting ready to go was an ordeal in & of itself. The van was packed FULL with not a square inch to spare! And we didn't even have to really take much food! We never would have made it if we'd had to take food. There was barely room in the back seat for Jenna & the seat next to her & the entire floor were packed full of stuff. And Tom wonders why I don't enjoy going camping all the time :)

The worst part of the weekend was that Camden decided he didn't want to sleep Saturday night! Since we were in a tent we (actually I should say "I") couldn't let him just cry it out because I didn't want to keep all our "neighbors" up. Tom couldn't have cared less about them, but anyways, Camden didn't go to sleep until probably close to 11 p.m. to begin with, then woke up at 2:15 crying. I let him cry a little bit, but he didn't want to settle down, so I got up & walked up & down the road by our tent for about 20 minutes until he went back to sleep. Then he was back up at 3:50 crying again! This time he didn't want to go back to I walked with him for almost 45 minutes around the campground. Finally I decided to try to feed him & see if that would put him to sleep. Nope! He wasn't crying when I help him, just didn't want to sleep. So, I put him back in the pack 'n play while I walked across the way to the restrooms. As I was using the restroom I could hear him screaming! I didn't know what to do at this point since I was SO TIRED!! I had an idea - I ended up buckling him into his carseat & putting him in the van & shut the doors. Now no one else would hear him, and he could cry to his heart's content and he obviously couldn't get hurt or anything, and I could go to bed! That was probably around 5:00 a.m. Tom got up around 6:15 to check on him & he was still crying!! But as soon as he took him out of the carseat he fell asleep from pure exhaustion I'm sure. Needless to say, he took a couple really good naps on Sunday.

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