Sunday, July 5, 2009


For those of you that may not remember, Tom and I got to do what's called the racing experience at Talladega Superspeedway. I bought a package where you ride with a professional driver around the track for 6 laps with another car. I had bought it as a gift for him for Christmas, and due to a mix-up in May, they gave me a free ride! So, a little over a week ago, we got to do our race! It was beyond spectacular! Unbelievable!! 180 mph around the track while racing side by side, or drafting is definitely a racing experience!

Here we were with our suits on waiting for our names to be called to race

Getting into the cars...Tom is in the blue #5, and I'm in the red #9

Racing side by side

Coming into pit road at the end of the race

Jenna with her "boyfriend" Ty. His mom came to the track to watch the girls while we raced & take pictures for us

Now I know it looks in these pictures like Tom's car was always in the lead, but we actually kept switching back & forth for the entire 6 laps, and on the last lap when we raced side by side, my car actually BEAT Tom's by about half an arm length over the finish line :)

And let me mention that it was HOT the day we got to do it!! It was about 95 degrees, not including the humidity. By the time you put on the racing suit & a helmet, it's crazy hot. But, again, so worth it! They had a couple tents set up for the spectators to sit under, but it was still hot for the kids to sit out & watch us. Plus, my friend Jennifer took them up the tower that I think the media uses on race day, where you can see the entire track, and it's literally right next to pit road, so the kids were more than ready to go when we were done! But, they said it was fun to watch us going so fast. If you ever have a chance to do this, I would definitely recommend it!

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